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Top 10 QBs Heading into 2020

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

by Joe Borek

1. Patrick Mahomes – After his first two full seasons as a starter after getting 1 game in 2017 Mahomes has taken the league by storm and then some. He went ballistic in 2018 throwing for 50TDs with 12INT. He also, had a stellar passer rating of 113.8 to go along with it earning him MVP and AP Offensive Player of the Year honors. He followed up that season with a very good 2019 where he brought his interceptions down to 5 and threw for 26TDs with a 105.3 rating and the second best QBR in the league of 76.3. Mahomes rushed for three touchdowns as well. He can make any throw you ask of him including violating a number one rule in the book which is to not throw against your body. Well for Mahomes just like Wilson and others we will get to, he can make that throw and make it with nasty precision that cannot be explained. To me he is a consensus number one and has a high chance to become a top quarterback of all time let alone just for this next decade as long as he God willing stays healthy. One of those majestic across the body throws can be see below in this money pass to Tyreek Hill as Mahomes escapes the pocket and launches one across his body showing off his top arm strength.

2. Russell Wilson- Although I believe Mahomes is a consensus number one Wilson is not far behind at all. He is another guy who took the league by storm as a rookie passing for 26TDs to only 5INTs with an even 100RTG and then has not looked back since. In 2019 he had 31TDs only 5INTS and a 106.3 rating with a QBR of 69.8(5th in the league). He also had a trio of rushing touchdowns on the year. His lowest passer rating in his career was a 92.6 in 2016, which is still above the league average as of 2017 of an 88.6 rating. Wilson has just continued to impress each year while his team hasn’t even had a good offensive lines for some if not many of those years. For Wilson it is no bother, as like Mahomes and Lamar Jackson he is a magician in the pocket and somehow even when it collapses he seems to always make a play out of nothing. Sounds like a guy who would have won at least one MVP right? Well if you guessed right you would be wrong Wilson even though putting up MVP numbers in at least four career seasons has never been crowned with the award. This in due in large part for the last two years at least, to the fact his competition of Mahomes in 18, and Lamar Jackson in 19, both had historic first years easily earning them MVP honors. Wilson can be seen working off his magic down below as he avoids the sack and throws a very good jump ball type pass to Doug Baldwin along the sideline leading to a big gain and first and goal for the Seahawks.

3. Aaron Rodgers- Yes, Rodgers is coming off of his worst graded season with only a 50.4 QBR, but even in doing so still threw for over 4,000 yards and was tied for first in least interceptions at four with 26TDs(8th) to go with it and an above average rating of 95.4. He also had one rushing touchdown. Rodgers is just a pure winner just like his number 12 counterpart Brady. Those guys just always seem to find a way to get it done. That is exactly what Rodgers did last season, leading the Packers along with their stellar defense to a 13-3 record and a Conference Championship appearance. Of course they lost in that game due to the fact the Packers high graded defense could not stop the high powered run first offense of the 49ers. They just ran it right at them and took the game and momentum very early on. Rodgers is another guy just like Romo said in the Mahomes video, can make any throw while also avoiding pressure with the best of them just like his two counterparts ranked ahead of him. He is one of the best passers of all time let alone our generation easily earning him HOF honors once he calls it a career. Many of those perfect passes can be seen down below where as Stephen A. Smith would call him “that bad man”, makes a perfect throw after perfect throw in this top 10 highlights of his career video.

4. Drew Brees- Another future hall of famer, Brees of course missed part of the season only playing 11 games last year total. However, for a guy going into his age 41 season that’s a major benefit. Less miles on those tires can only help an elite passer and one of the best to ever play the position. The rest showed, as Brees came back passing with fire for 27TDS and only 4INTS just missing the 3,000-yard mark at 2,979 on the season. He also had one rushing TD on the year. In those 11 games, he also had the third highest QBR at 71.7 and a passer rating of 116.3 after a 115.7 the year before. How about that, for a guy in his age 39 and 40 season respectively. He is a player who owes a lot of credit to the Saints organization since he was a back and forth Player with the Chargers with turnover issues. Well that’s no more as Brees who still likes to spread the ball around the field with the best of them, has found a way to limit his INTS especially these last 3 seasons each yielding the lowest interception totals of his career other then his 04 top season with the Chargers where Brees had 7INTs. Brees, can be seen breaking the all time TD record down below making it 20 straight completions for him and a TD for Josh Hill

5. Deshaun Watson- After only playing 7 games in his first season of 2017, Watson came back and showed he too is just a pure competitor and winner. Just like Wilson and Mahomes Watson, can make inexplicable throws after avoiding pressure that should just not be possible. In his first full season in 2018, he along with the still demanding Texans defense lead his team to an 11-5 record and then followed that up last year by leading the Texans to a 10-5 clip. Watson has been the prime example of consistent in each of his last two seasons he threw 26 TDs in each leading to a combined total of 52 passing touchdowns to 21INTS in those two years. He also had a combined 12 rushing TDs in those years. Watson is still only 24 going on 25 so the best is yet to come, which is scary to think for members of the AFC conference and especially his AFC South division. Watson can be seen somehow staying up after getting hit on both sides by two Bills and bounces off then hits his running back who takes off for big gain leading to a game winning field goal for the Texans in last years’ postseason match.

6. Lamar Jackson- I have since moved Jackson up one spot since doing my friend Andrew and I’s Wentzwagon eagles podcast a few weeks back now. This is because Brady who I had at 6 prior, is finally starting to show some, key word some, decline and is entering his age 43 season. I think when first ranked, I ranked the career of Brady and the fact he’s the best to ever do it rather than staying on point with just coming into this season leading him to be one ahead of where he should be. Where the career of Lamar Jackson could not have gotten off to a better start. He of course had people poking fun in the past two preseasons thinking he was more of a running back than QB. Well he shut those people up, because he juked almost any defender in his path leading to running back like numbers with 695 yards in 18 followed up by a remarkable 1,206 in 19 while also have stellar passing numbers. Jackson had 36TDs 6INTs and an amazing league leading QBR of 81.8. His passer rating last year was also a remarkable 113.3 last season. Of course all those numbers added up to give Jackson his first MVP honors. He also had seven rushing TDs on the year. Jackson would be best describe as a juke master escape artist who might be the hardest to bring down in the league even ahead of Wilson and ri Mahomes. The only reason I do not have him ranked higher yet is because, I like to see it for more than one year and believe I will, making him an easy top five choice for me going into next season. Jackson can be seen down below executing to perfection his 43 total touchdowns from last season.

7. Tom Brady- The Goat Tom Brady at 7? Yes, that is just the reality in todays game with all the top young talent in the league as well as the two savvy veterans in Wilson and Rodgers mentioned above him. As I said before Brady was moved down because he has finally started to show some decline and who can blame him he has been one of the best at it for now going into a third decade. He is now in Tampa however, with the likes of Evans, Godwin, and reuniting with Gronk, so it is sure to say he has a much better offense going into this season leading to the potential to become a top five quarterback again by seasons end. After all, when someone is in their age 42 season they cannot be asked to do everything like Brady was so good at doing earlier in his career making unknown receiver cores into some of the more successful in the league. Tom Terrific might not be as terrific anymore in the sense of being the top notch QB, but he is still darn good and can lead especially a potential top offense in Tampa to a postseason for sure. Last year in a down year he still had over 4,000 yards while passing for 24TDs and 8INTs with a QBR of 53.7 and a rating of an even 88. That of course was with a Patriots team who really only had one clear top option in Julian Edelman. He now has plethora of good options to go to making his season one of the most interesting to follow in order to see just how good a future hall of famer at the unprecedented age of 43 can do with an offense of that stature. Brady can be seen making a perfect touchdown throw to his now teammate yet again, Rob Gronkowski down below against the rival Dolphins.

8. Carson Wentz- The only reason Wentz is so low is because of injuries otherwise he could easily be a top five QB. Before getting injured in 2017 he was on pace to likely win the MVP with 33TDs to 7INTs in 13 games played. When it comes to limiting interceptions Wentz has been as consistent as they come throwing only 7 in each of his last three seasons after throwing 14 in year one. He was the one to be touted for making all the crazy throws and having crazy escape ability before getting injured and Mahomes and Jackson took the crown in that department. For Wentz it is just about staying healthy which he did last season for all 16 games for the first time since his rookie year, but then unfortunately got knocked out early in his first playoff appearance. In those 16 games Wentz had 27TDs to 7INTs with a 60.8 QBR and a 93.1 rating. He too like Brady has a much improved receiving core with a healthy Jackson, Reagor their top pick, and two top 12 TEs in Goedert and Ertz. Wentz too is a quarterback that now having arguably his best offense since being drafted even potentially better than Super Bowl winning season 2017s offense can jump up the rankings fairly significantly going into next season. Below Wentz can be seen making one of his special passes while getting knocked down by the defense he is definitely the best in the business doing that currently.

9. Dak Prescott- Coming in right behind rival QB Wentz is Dak Prescott who the two of course are always compared to due to being in the same division. The only reason I have Dak a notch below Wentz is he is a very good QB but not entirely elite yet allowing him to be in the top 10 but not above Wentz’s who has shown off more elite qualities in less games played. Now don’t get me wrong if you want a QB you know what your getting each year that limits TOs then Dak is your guy my only concern is I’m not so sure if he will be able to go from very good to elite. The main reason being is you have to beat other top notch QBs and teams in order to do so and so far in his Career Dak has not played superior opponents all to well leading him to having a bottom two spot in the top 10. This however is an easy Fix and Dak just like a few others mentioned above has arguable one of the best offenses of his career as well with names like Cooper, Elliott, and new comer Lamb to name a few. Dak did have the 4th highest QBR of last year which made me heavily debate rating him higher however, eyesight wise I feel the others above have performed more through and through and have not had untimely struggles. Overall last season he threw for 30TDs to 11INTS with a 99.7 rating while also rushing for three more. Dak is not the first to have the issue of getting a huge win Cousins was the same until he got a huge playoff win leading the Vikings down the field last season against the Saints and Dak is a higher rated overall QB than Cousins so he too for sure can do the same. Once Dak does overcome the untimely struggles he will for sure be another who can skyrocket up the rankings. Below highlights can be seen from Dak’s monster week one performance against the Giants last season where he threw for 405 yards with 4TDS. Yes, it against the Giants but to look that sharp in week one is very impressive and shows just how good of a work ethic he has.

10. Jared Goff- Goff is coming off of a very rough year of having an awful 48.5 QBR with 22TDs and 16INTs after getting a massive payday. However, prior to last year he was killing it and on pace to be in the top 5 let alone top 10. In 2017 he had 28TDs to only 7INTs for an even 100 rating then in 2018, he had 32TDs with 12INTs for a 101.1 rating. So its clear the ability is there and that’s of course why the Rams picked him first overall in the 2016 draft. Goff now just needs to harness it back together after getting his big pay day and dealing with the fallout of Gurley in LA and injury issues to wide receivers last season. I personally believe he has the ability to do so making him earn the final sport in the top 10 with the clear skillset to jump ahead at least a few spots. Below Goff can be seen breaking the Thursday Night Football passing record with 5TDs and 465 yards.

First 5 out

11. Cousins

12. Ryan

13. Stafford

14. Murray

15. Garoppolo

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