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The Rocket Men, 6 fantasy players who will significantly outperform their ADP.

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2020 fantasy drafts are already underway. These 6 guys should be on your radar, as they should significantly outperform their current ADP. I want maximum exposure to all of them. I also want to give them catchy nicknames or phrases so you will not forget about them when you are on the clock.

Daniel Jones - Danny Dimes

ADP 124.4, QB 17

You can’t beat his actual nickname. Jones’ 16 game rookie year looks like 32 TDs, 16 INTs, 61.9 completion percentage, along with 3 rushing TDs and 319 yards on the ground. He also had 15 lost fumbles. Did I mention he would have had 4,036 yards… with that terrible offensive line. The offensive line won’t be terrible in 2020. Saquon will be more dangerous, and Slayton will give him a legitimate WR1. He will finish top 12 easily, top 8 is well within reach, and at QB17, he allows you to focus on the other positions before locking down a top QB. Those numbers for a rookie would be fantastic, and Kyler won ROY with 20 TDs,, 3722 yards passing, in addition to 544 yards rushing with 4 TDs. Kyler is going as high as QB3. Jones will win leagues next year. Despite his high turnover numbers, Jones finished 15th in fantasy points per game, between Rodgers and Brady. Murray scored 18.58 pts per game, Jones scored 17.46. Expect those numbers to be even closer in 2020 as Jones cuts down on his turnover numbers.

Chris Carson - “C.C.’s all you can eat buffet”

ADP 37.6, RB 22

C.C. is gonna eat all day. Injury prone, you say? I say no. He has missed 3 total games in the last 2 years he has started. He has averaged 1,405 total yards and 9 TDs in his two years starting at Seattle, and with Penny down, Carlos Hyde looks to be the primary backup to start the year. It will not matter. Carson has a 4.9 yards per touch average in his career, and Seattle loves to run. His 37 catches in 2019 prove Carson can operate in the passing game, and with the growth I expect from Metcalf, along with the continued excellence of Wilson, Carson will exceed his career numbers and solidify himself as a top 10 back, forcing Seattle to consider his long-term status with the team. Carson set a career high with 315 touches in 2019. I expect 350+ touches in 2020. Zero percent chance 21 other RBs get that kind of volume, and zero percent chance a healthy Carson finishes below RB15 in 2020. I currently have him as my 11th RB in redraft formats.

A.J. Brown - What can A.J. Brown do for you?

ADP 42.1, WR 17

Brown makes me think of “UPS”. Unlimited Potential Superstar. Top 5 WR. Write it in stone. His 20.2 yards per touch average led the entire NFL. He was a rookie, and in an offense that shoved the ball down defenses throats. He gets another year with Tannehill, Henry is back, and if you think Brown does worse than his 1,111 total yard, 9 total TD rookie debut, you didn’t watch the guy play. He is beyond explosive. He only had 55 touches in 2019. He will have at least 90 in 2020. Imagine the possibilities. Then remember A.J.Brown is a freaking top 10 WR minimum. Draft him as such. 17th WR is a joke. Im trying to get 100% exposure.

DeVante Parker - Spiderman’s Cousin

ADP 68.4, WR 29

Peter Parker might be Spiderman, but DeVante has the sticky hands and acrobatic agility his famous cousin only wishes he could have. 9 TDs, 1,202 yards. 16.7 yards per catch. Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB. Late season surge. We knew Devane Parker could do this. I just expected it earlier. However, Miami has been, well, Miami until late last year. But coach Brian Flores has the team playing hard.Parker showed out late in 2019. Tua, Fitzmagic, Wranglers commercial Brett Favre, it doesn’t matter who his QB is. Parker exploded in 2019, and he’s going to make life easy for every Miami QB in 2020. Miami is trending up, get on the train before it is too late. Also, his 10.9 points per game average in 2019 was 9th highest, better than Tyreke, Davante Adams, and just behind Hopkins.

Darius Slayton - The other, other second year beast.

ADP 89.3, WR 37

Slayton gets less attention than Brown, Metcalf, McLaurin, Deebo, and even Hollywood Brown. Those guys are all good. But WR 37 for Slayton is insanity. Arguments over who is WR1 between Slayton, Tate, and Shepard seem crazy to me. Slayton had 8 TDs along with 740 yards on 48 catches in 2019. He had an excellent 15.4 yard per catch average. And that was with a rookie QB and a XFL level OL. The Giants improved their OL this offseason. Catch the wave. Slayton finishes as a top 15 WR in 2020. WR37 is gonna be a distant memory by week 3.

Mike Gesicki - Magic Mike, Sticky Gesicki

ADP 142.3, TE 14

Get your mind out of the gutter, both those nicknames work for football as well as stripping. Gesicki went off to end 2019, scoring 3 TDs in his last two games, along with 19 targets. He has shown consistency issues, but Miami should look to him as weapon 2 in the passing offense. Not many TEs are considered the second option, and Gesicki upped his yards per catch average from 9.2 to 11.2 his sophomore year. We know TEs take longer to adjust to the NFL game, but we witnessed first-hand how the game began slowing down for Magic Mike. I view him as the TE3 in redraft formats, and the TE2 in dynasty. His ADP will be considered embarrassing next year. Be that guy who brags about drafting him late while you write your acceptance speech. Everyone else gives acceptance speeches, right? Like Jones with QB, he provides exposure to an elite TE at a later price. .

These six guys can provide amazing value during your drafts. Pick them in the right place, and you will be reading the 2021 version of this article while sipping whiskey out of your league trophy. I’ll bring the cigars. And I apologize for leaving you with Sticky Gesicki.

That’s what she said.

Thank you for reading. Think I’m a genius? I think you are on to something. Think I’m stupid? Tell me why. Follow @realryanhicks for all of my content, and don’t hesitate to comment.

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